Our infant care classroom will follow a 1 teacher to 4 infants or 2 staff to 9 infants ratio. This is below the state infant care ratio of 1 teacher to 5 infants or 2 staff to 11 infants. The maximum number of infants that will be in our infant care classroom is 7. We will eventually open a second infant care classroom and at that time the infants will be separated by mobile and non-mobile infants.

In both classrooms the infants will receive individualized lesson planning through the Connecting with Infants curriculum that encourages them to move forward in their growth and development from the stage that they are currently at. The teacher will follow up with writing outcomes to the planned activities and how the child responded. Similar activities may appear on the child’s lesson plan for several weeks until a child masters the skill that is being developed.

The health and safety of the infants in our care is of the utmost importance to us. Some of our campus security features include access to classrooms only via key card, and cameras in each classroom, hallways and entry points fed directly to the director’s office. We complete a safety checklist each day to ensure a safe environment for the infants visiting Blessed Beginning. We practice fire drills and lock down drills on a monthly basis. Since infants learn through their sense (meaning often their mouth), everything in the infant care room is disinfected and sanitized each night through a two-step process to ensure cleans surfaces for exploration by our littlest students.

If you would like more information on our infant care program or if you would like to schedule a tour, please contact our school office at (520)214-1200 or email our director at cbaker@bbov.org.