Welcome to our FAQ page. We hope that these questions and answers help you to answer some of your questions, but if you still have more questions feel free to contact us for more information by calling (520)214-1200 or emailing cbaker@bbov.org.

Q: What ages do you accept at Blessed Beginnings of Oro Valley?
A: We accept ages 6 weeks through children who will turn 5 after September 1 of the current school year. Please contact us to verify space availability for your child’s age.

Q: Is Blessed Beginnings open year round?
A: Yes! Blessed Beginnings is only closed for federal holidays and the day after Thanksgiving. We are closed for a half day on Christmas Eve.

Q: How can I enroll my child in Blessed Beginnings of Oro Valley?
A: If you would like to visit our campus for a tour please contact the office. You will be provided an enrollment packet and directions at that time. You can also download the enrollment forms (there are two forms) by clicking the register link under the admissions tab. We will need both completed forms, a copy of your child’s up to date immunizations and the $100 per child registration fee to complete your child’s registration.

Q: Once my child is registered for Blessed Beginnings how long will you hold their spot for?
A: Our policy at Blessed Beginnings is that we will hold your child’s spot for up to one month. After a month’s time you will need to re-register your child if there is still space available.

Q: How is tuition calculated at Blessed Beginnings?
A: Tuition for all ages at Blessed Beginnings is an annual tuition that takes into account holidays and off school time. This annual amount can be paid over 12 equal payments due on the 1st of each month. Since these payments are based on an annual tuition the payments remain the same for each month despite holiday or out of school time closures. If tuition is prepaid on a 6 month basis or 12 month basis discounts are awarded.

Q: Do I still have to pay my child’s tuition to Blessed Beginnings if they miss school due to illness or vacation?
A: Your child’s annual tuition is due despite time away from school due to vacation or illness. You are essentially reserving your child’s space in the classroom to ensure that they will have a space to return to.

Q: How can I make tuition payments to Blessed Beginnings?
A: You can pay your child’s tuition via cash, check or make an online payment through our website.

Q: I’d love to get to know some of the other parents of students at Blessed Beginnings and set up play dates for our children. Are there opportunities for us to get to know other parents?
A: Yes! At Blessed Beginnings we believe in creating a welcoming Christian environment through fellowship. There are various fellowship opportunities throughout the year. Please visit our calendar for more information.

Q: What do I need to do if I need to change my child’s enrollment schedule for Blessed Beginnings?
A: Please contact the school office in writing two weeks prior to the change in schedule. If you do not have two weeks prior to a necessary change in schedule, then contact the school office ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q: What notice do I need to give for withdrawing my child from Blessed Beginnings?
A: Please notify the school office in writing no less than two weeks prior to child’s last day.